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We excel at providing process-based training and NX-Open Automation & Customization Programming solutions.

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Our workforce at NX-OPEN processes that project results to your bottom line using the NX-Open API, CAD, CATIA CAA, CREO TOOLKIT, and REVIT.NET API capabilities we’ve used over the years (and an excellent technical team to back it up).

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The finest training doesn’t always involve meal recommendations, suggestions, or tactics. The downside of feature-based training is that it equips users with unimportant information that might or might not be relevant to their manufacturing process.

Elaiyaperumal Ponnusamy
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Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Since 2014, our priority has been to make sure that our clients have a solid understanding of design and manufacturing. Our major priority is helping your business become more profitable by offering suggestions and solutions for keeping a productive production process.

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